NJ 1920s Route 4

Route 4 ran from Rahway to Absecon.

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Pictures of Route 4

Bridge over a brook in Woodbridge, on the northbound side of current-day Route 35. This is the only painted vintage bridge we've ever seen. We were able to get behind the barricade for this picture. Photo taken 8/20/2000

The southbound side of the same bridge. The route number, and the 1925 date stamp, are visible under the barricade. Photo taken 8/20/2000

This bridge is in West Creek (in Eagleswood Township), southbound side of current-day US 9. It appears that the top of the abutment was restored, leaving the old markings intact. Photo taken 9/1/2000

The same side of the same bridge, showing the 1925 date stamp. We were lucky that the bridge was set back from the road.Photo taken 9/1/2000

Heading south on old Route 4 toward Tuckertown and Little Egg Harbor, and the terminus in Absecon.Photo taken 9/1/2000

History of Route 4

1916 NJDOT Annual Report: "Rahway to Absecon - Beginning at the intersection of the Essex and Middlesex. Turnpike and St. George's avenue in Rahway, at junction with Route No. 1 thence along St. George’s road to Perth Amboy avenue, Woodbridge thence along Perth Amboy avenue to Perth Amboy city line, then beginning at the north end of the Perth Amboy - South Amboy bridge crossing the Raritan river; thence along Stephens avenue, with some changes in line, to the Keyport Road, and through Keyport, following the Keyport road to Middletown; thence along the Middletown--Red Bank road to Red Bank; thence along the Red Bank—Eatontown road to Eatontown; thence along the Eatontown-Long Branch road to the Monmouth road, and thence along same to Cedar avenue, to Norwood avenue and thence southerly along Norwood avenue crossing Deal lake to Asbury Park; thence along Main street, through Asbury Park, Neptune township Bradley Beach and Avon crossing the Shark river bridge to Belmar thence along the Belmar and Manasquan river road to Point Pleasant, from Point Pleasant through Burrsville to Lakewood thence along the Lakewood - Toms River road to Toms River: thence along the Main Shore road to New Gretna. With a detour in Lacy and Ocean townships to eliminate two grade crossings; thence along the Chestnut Neck road to Absecon, to junction with Route No.3."

1917 NJDOT Annual Report: "Route No. 4 From a point on Route No. 1 near Rahway to Absecon. This is the longest of the fifteen routes, being approximately 110 miles in length. From Rahway over existing roads to Perth Amboy, thence over Perth Amboy-South Amboy bridge to South Amboy. Surveys were made of three lines from South Amboy to Morgan: one via Broadway, South Amboy, to and over Raritan River Railroad, thence along westerly side of New York and Long Branch Railroad to an overhead crossing of said Railroad, thence along Raritan Bay side of said Railroad to junction with present road at Morgan; one via Main Street, Stevens Avenue, Bordentown Avenue, and Pine Street, South Amboy, to present brick pavement into Morgan; and one from Amboy bridge to Alpine Street, South Amboy, thence by overhead crossing of Pennsylvania Railroad yards, through private right of way into Pine Street, South Amboy, thence over brick road to Morgan. Definite choice between these alternates has not as yet been made. From Morgan, route as surveyed is via Keyport, Middletown, Red Bank, Eatontown, Long Branch, Asbury Park, Point Pleasant, Lakewood, Toms River, Tuckerton, and New Gretna, to Absecon. No important changes from existing roads are contemplated between Morgan and Absecon, except flattening of existing curves and possible slight changes near Manasquan, and elimination of some existing railroad crossings and bridges by acquiring private property. "

NJHD 1925 Official State Map: Route No. 4 Rahway to Absecon, via Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Keyport, Middletown, Red Bank, Eatontown, Long Branch, Asbury Park, Point Pleasant, Lakewood, Toms River, Barnegat, Tuckerton, and New Gretna. Cooper River Bridge north of Red Bank under construction - Two mile detour over concrete and gravel roads. Road sections under construction: Approximaely 33 miles of this route, extending from Toms River south to a point below New Gretna is under construction. While traffic is being maintained it is suggested that through traffic from points in North Jersey to Atlantic City avoid this route during the 1925 season. The best route is over Route No. 1 through Rahway, to New Brunswick, thense over Route 13 through Princeton thense over Route 2 to Bordentown, thence through Mount Holly, Medford, Indian Mills, Hammonton, Egg Harbor City and Absecon. Route No. 4 will also be under construction from beginning of Route at Rahway through Woodbridge to Perth Amboy.

Roadgeek Trivia: A large portion of old Route 4 retained the number 4 after the 1928 renumbering, and remained that way until the Great Renumbering of 1953 (during which it became NJ 35 and US 9). The only other 1920s route that retained its old number in at least a part of the route was old Route 1.

Dan Moraseski: "Absecon to Rahway on US 9-NJ 88-NJ 35. NJ 157-US 9-NJ 167-US 9-NJ 166 in Toms River-US 9-NJ 88-NJ 35-Kings Hwy in Middletown-Old Country Rd-NJ 35-CR 4 in Keyport-CR 6-NJ 35-CR 688 in South Amboy-CR 684-Ridgeway Av-Scott Av-Raritan River bridge (no longer exists)-Sheridan St-?-CR 653-NJ 35"

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