NJ 1920s Route 6

Route 6 ran from Camden to Bridgeton and Salem.

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Pictures of Route 6

Westbound side of Old Route 6 (Current-day NJ 49). This bridge crosses over Alloway Creek in Quinton. Photo taken 9/2/2000

Same side, showing the date stamp (1925). Old Route 6 was actually a triangular route that turned back on itself. There are no Route 6 markings on the branch that is now NJ 77. Photo taken 6/18/2000

Heading east on Old Route 6 over the bridge. This is an historic bridge, and called the "Kwinton" Bridge" on the sign. Photo taken 9/2/2000

10/20/25 Rt 6 Sec 7 Bet Salem and Woodstown Looking into Woodstown Built 1923 From NJ State Archives

Rt 6 1/30/28 Snow removal Mullica/Bridgeton From NJ State Archives

Rt 6 1/30/28 Snow removal Mullica/Salem From NJ State Archives

History of Route 6

NJHD 1917 Annual Report: "Route No. 6 Camden to Bridgeton and Salem. From Broadway, Camden, to and through Gloucester, to Gloucester-Woodbury Turnpike, (Toll Road), to Woodbury, thence via Mantua Turnpike to Mullica Hill, thence along one leg of divided route to Bridgeton, and via other leg of divided route to Salem. No important changes from existing roads are contemplated."

1922, Chap 253: "Extension of Route #6, From the entrance to the bridge over the Delaware River, thru the City of Camden, to the beginning of Route #6."

NJHD 1925 Official State Map: "Camden to Salem to Bridgeton, via Woodbury, Mullica Hill and Woodston. Branch from Woodston to Mullica Hill, 22 miles, via Pole Tavern. Branch from Salem to Bridgeton, 16.6 miles, via Quinton and Shiloh."

Dan Moraseski: "Mullica Hill to Camden on NJ 77-NJ 49-NJ 45. NJ 77-NJ 49-NJ 45-US 130-CR 551."

Jim Williams: Roadgeek trivia: There were two times that a NJ Route 6 was renumbered to 46. In the first renumbering in 1928, a portion of this old Route 6 was renumbered as NJ 46 (while portions of old Routes 12 and 5 were given the number 6). Then, in the "great renumbering" in 1953, the new Route 6 was renamed to US 46 (forcing NJ 46 to be renumbered as NJ 77).

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