NJ 1920s Route 7

Route 7 ran from Hightstown to Asbury Park, and later a spur from Freehold to Lakewood.

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Pictures of Route 7

This is the only remaining trace of old Route 7 we have found, and it is behind a barricade.   We tried our best to get a picture of the route stamp.  We almost got in an accident crossing NJ 33 to get this picture! Photo taken 8/5/2001

This 1926 bridge is on a small, bypassed section of old Route 7 which was bypassed by current-day NJ 33.  It crosses the Millstone RIver in Millstone Township, just west of Manalapan. Photo taken 8/5/2001

This is heading east on Old Route 7.  Continuing straight takes you back on NJ 33.   There is absolutely no traffic on this segment.  Do we really need the barricade? Photo taken 8/5/2001

History of Route 7

NJDOT 1917 Annual Report: "Route No. 7 Hightstown to Asbury Park. Beginning at the Junction with Route No. 1 at Hightstown, along the Manalapan road to Manalapan, along the Manalapan-Freehold road to Freehold; thence along the Freehold-Jerseyville road to Jerseyville, and along the Jerseyville-Hamilton road to Corlies Avenue to Main Street, Neptune township, where it joins Route No. 4, and a short distance along same to Asbury Park. Survey was made of proposed change in line at Hamilton's Mills to eliminate sharp curves on deep fill near Asbury Park Water Works. No other important changes in alignment are contemplated. "

NJHD 1925 Official State Map: Route No. 7 Hightstown to Asbury Park, via Freehold, Jerseyville, and Hammonton. Road is hard surfaced from Hightstown to Freehold. To be under construction from Freehold to Colt's Neck Road.

1925, Chap 24-25: Route #7 Spur FROM FREEHOLD TO LAKEWOOD; beginning at Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey, and extending southwardly through Adelphia, Monmouth County, New Jersey, and from Adelphia over the route known as the "Ols Stage Road" to Lakewood, Ocean County, New Jersey, connecting with Route #4, at the junction of Madison Avenue and Route #4 in Lakewood, Ocean County, New Jersey.

Dan Moraseski: "Hightstown to Asbury Park on NJ 33, with a spur to Lakewood on US 9. CR 633-NJ 33-NJ 33 BUS-CR 24 in Freehold-Hull Av-Jerseyville Av-NJ 33 BUS-NJ 33-CR 17 in Neptune-NJ."

Edward Fitzgerald 7/11/2004: "Found 2 more bridges on old Route 7, but they are barricaded. You may get a shot of the 7 below the steel rail. They are in Howell Twp. west of Route 34 over Marsh's Bog Brook and Mingamahone Brook. There are none east of 34."

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