NJ 1920s Route 11

Route 11 ran from Paterson to Newark.

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Pictures of Route 11

NO PICTURES YET. - We've travelled the entire length of old Route 11 and looked for old bridges; none seem to exist. From the records we have researched it appears that the state never built any bridges along Route 11. Existing stuctures were probably sufficient.

History of Route 11

NJDOT 1917 Annual Report: "Route No. 11 Paterson to Newark. Beginning at the southerly city line of Paterson Main street and continuing along the same to the northerly city line of Passaic; thence continuing from the southerly city line of Passaic on Passaic Avenue to the end of the same in Nutley; thence by a new line to Franklin Avenue and along the same, and by a new line through Soho Park to Harrison Street, through Bloomfield and Belleville to Franklin Street and along the same to the Newark city line, near the northerly end of Branch Brook Park."

1923, Chap 177,181,182,183,184,199 " Route #11 (As originally laid out, still to be disposed of) From Newark to Paterson by way of Bellville, Bloomfield, Nutley and Passaic. "

1923, Chap 498 " Route #11 (As taken over by the State Highway Commission). From Newark to Paterson by way of Bellville, Nutley, and Passaic. "

NJHD 1925 Official State Map: "Route No. 11 Newark to Paterson, via Bellville, Nutley and Passaic. Kingsland Road, Nitley and Washington Avenue, Bellville under construction."

Dan Moraseski: "Newark to Paterson on NJ 7-CR 601. NJ 7-CR 601-CR 509."

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