NJ 1920s Route 16

Route 16 ran from Morristown to Princeton (originally planned to Trenton).

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Pictures of Route 16

This bridge, built in 1927, is the only fully visible remnant of old Route 16 we were able to locate, and is probably one of the latest instances of the old numbers being used. Notice that we were lucky enough that the bridge was set back from the road. There are several other bridges on this stretch of current-day US 206, and also along current-day US 202 south of Morristown, but unfortunately all are covered by barricades.  Photo taken 5/29/2000

Same side, showing the date stamp. This bridge is in bad shape, and may not be around much longer. I've seen a few of these vintage bridges patched up - and wiping away the imprints altogether, but I've also seen repair jobs where the imprints are re-done, so we may get lucky.   Photo taken 5/29/2000

Heading south on Old Route 16 in Hillsborough, towards Princeton, where old Route 16 terminates at old Route 13. Route 16 was the last of the original state highways planned by the NJHD. The numbers that follow were all created by independent Public Laws, which accounts for the erratic numbering.   Photo taken 5/29/2000

Rt 16 7/5/23 Bridge 61 MP 25.7   From NJ State Archives

Rt 16 7/5/23 Bridge 61 MP 25.7   From NJ State Archives

History of Route 16

1921 NJDOT Annual Report: "From Morristown to Trenton, by way of Van Dorn's Mills, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Bedminster, Pluckemin, Somerville, South Somerville, Bell Meade, and Harlingen."

NJHD 1925 Official State Map: "Morristown to Princeton, via Van Doren's Mills, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Bedminster, Pluckemin, Somerville, Royce Valley, Bell Meade, and Harlingen. Section between Somerville and Royce Valley to be under construction, also underpass at Bridge Street, Somerville railroad crossing"

1925, Chapter 196: "Route #16-Ext. From Route #5 at the intersection of South Street and Park Place in Morristown and extending thence along Park Place, Market St., and Mount Kemble Avenue to the boundary line of Morristown, the present beginning point of said Route #16."

Dan Moraseski: " US 206-US 202 from Princeton to Morristown. Witherspoon St-US 206-CR 609-US 206-Bridge St in Somerville-NJ 28-CR 643-US 206-CR 523-US 202"

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