NJ 1920s Route 17-N

Route 17-N ran from Newark to NY State line.

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Pictures of Route 17-N

NO PICTURES YET. - Unfortunately, there are no visible traces of Route 17-N bridge markings we have been able to locate. One of the oldest dated bridges we encountered was from the 40s, long after the state stopped maintaining the road.  Old Route 17, like Old Route 11, seems pieced together from already-existing roads that pre-dated the state highway system. A good portion of this route is the old Franklin Turnpike.

History of Route 17-N

1923 Chap 5,177,181,183,184 "Route No. 17-N From Newark, by way of Kearney, Rutherford, Hackensack, Ridgewood and Ramsey to the New York State Line."

1925 NJHD Official State Map: "Route No. 17 Hackensack to New York State Line at Suffern, via Maywood, Ridgewood and Ramsey."

Dan Moraseski: NJ 17 from Hackensack to Suffern NY.   CR 55-CR 62-NJ 17-CR 62-CR 507-US 202

Roadgeek Trivia: This is the only 1920s route that actually had its old number resurrected many years later. In the 1928 renumbering, most of old Route 17 was renumbered to NJ 2. NJ 2 underwent many major alignment shifts during the following years as the new divided highway was constructed. Then, in the 40s, NJ 2 was renumbered back to NJ 17 to be contiguous with NY 17.

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