NJ 1920s Route 17-S

Route 17-S ran from Westville to Penn's Grove.

Pictures History

Pictures of Route 17-S

NO PICTURES YET. NO PICTURES YET - After travelling what we believe is the entire length, we could not locate any Route 17-S markings.   We do have some interesting pictures of the road itself which we will post later. We did locate some old bridge structures but they were culvert-style bridges with no walls.

History of Route 17-S

1923 Chap 199 "Route No. 17-S From a point on route No. 6 at Westville and continuing through Thorofare, Paulsboro, Gibbstown, and Bridgeport and thence to Penn's Grove, in the County of Salem, connecting at said point with the proposed State Highway."

Dan Moraseski: US 130 from Penns Grove to Westville.   CR 607-US 130-NJ 44-CR 631-US 130.

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