NJ 1920s Route 18-N

Route 18-N ran from Hoboken to the NY state line.

Pictures History

Pictures of Route 18-N

NO CURRENT PICTURES YET - We have travelled most of the entire proposed route.  The earliest bridge we found was from 1931 and stamped State Highway S-1. Enjoy these historical pictures instead for now.

Rt 18 12/12/23 150 ft back of intersection of Dykman St Ferry Road From NJ State Archives

Rt 18 12/12/23 near sta 8 showing old road - new center to pass close to tree w/sign From NJ State Archives

Rt 18 12/12/23 where location leaves present road looking N From NJ State Archives

Rt 18 12/12/23 100' right of sta 30+08 looking upstream From NJ State Archives

History of Route 18-N

1923 Chap 197 "Route No. 18-N From Hoboken to New York State line by way of Weehawken, West Hoboken, town of Union, North Bergen, Fairview, Ridgefield, Palisade Park, Fort Lee, Englewood-Cliffs, Tenafly and Alpine."

NJHD 1925 Official State Map: Route No. 18 - NORTH Alpine to New York State Line, to be under construction. This road, when built, will connect with the famous Hendrick Hudson Drive.

Dan Moraseski: CR 505-NJ 63-US 9W from Jersey City to Palisades NY.  ?-CR 677-JFK Blvd-CR 505-CR 693-NJ 63-US 1-CR 12-NJ 67-US 9W.

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