NJ 1920s Route 18-S

Route 18-S ran from Penn's Grove to Atlantic City.

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Pictures of Route 18-S

We have travelled all of this route and were not able to find any Route 18 markings.  Enjoy this picture of the Kingfish BBQ stand instead, located on present-day US 40.  Photo taken

History of Route 18-S

1923 Chap 181,183 "Route No. 18-S From Penn's Grove, by way of Sharpstown, Woodstown, Pole Tavern, Elmer, Malaga, Buena, Mays Landing, Pleasantville to Atlantic City."
NJHD 1925 Official State Map: Route No. 18 - SOUTH Penns Grove to Atlantic City, via Sharptown, Woodstown, Pole Tavern, Elmer, Malaga, Downstown, Mays Landing and Pleasantville. Hard surfaced pavement between Penns Grove and Woodstown, gravel road between Woodstown and Downstown. Downstown to Atlantic City, hard surfaced. This road is popularly known as the Harding Highway.

Dan Moraseski: NJ 48-US 40 from Penns Grove to Atlantic City.  CR 675-NJ 48-US 40-CR 615 thru Malaga-US 40-CR 606 in Mays Landing-CR 559-US 40.

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