NJ 1920s Route 19-

Route 19- was proposed as a route from Seaville to Absecon.

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Pictures of Route 19-

As we suspected, there were no markings that said Route 19, since the road was apparently never officially built under that number.  This is what Route 19 would have been.  Heading south in Palermo toward the terminus at old Route 14. Photo taken 8/5/2001

OK, we couldn't resist an artsy picture of Sharon taking a picture of the nuclear power plant.  Heading south on old Route 19 (now US 9) over Great Egg Harbor. Photo taken 8/5/2001

History of Route 19-

1923, Chap 182/183 "Route No. 19- From a point on Route No. 14 at Seaville, by way of Palerma, Marmora, Beesley's Point, Somers Point to Pleasantville and connecting with Route No. 4, at Absecon."

David Mudge, NJDOT, 8/25/2000: "There was often considerable lag time between a route being designated and its actual creation. In some cases, county and local roads were merely taken over to form a route. In other cases, considerable lengths of new road would have to be built. Due to scarce resources, it took years to actually construct some routes. In the case of the “missing” Route 19, I suspect that it involved considerable new alignment that was beyond the limited capacity of the Highway Department to construct at that time."

In the proposed 1926 renumbering this road was renamed as an extension of Route 4. This road eventually became part of NJ 4 in the 1930s, currently part of US 9.

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