Contributors to 1920s NJ Highways

Our 1920s NJ Highways project has been an exciting and enlightening experience. It has taken us to many parts of the state we have never travelled before and exposed us Metro NJ residents to the diverse landscape the state has to offer. We wish to thank the following people for their many contributions to this project and helping to make it worthwhile.

Richard Jezercak from NJDOT. Our father/father-in-law, who got us a reproduction of the 1925 Official State map, which set this entire project in motion.

David Mudge from NJDOT, for his knowledge and valuable research into the early history of NJs first highway system and for route marker info.

Carol Pazmant and Rebecca Priest from NJDOT, for research references and copying.

Dan Moraseski from the MTR newsgroup, for detailed route mappings on his web site.

Rich Dean from the MTR newsgroup, for additional Route 8 info.

Robert Droz from the MTR newsgroup, for marker info and "Official Marker" graphic.

Steve Anderson from the MTR newsgroup,

Dave Wisneski from the MTR newsgroup, for previewing and pointing out dead links and other bad stuff on the site. Also for additional Route 8 info and scanning the Suburban Trends article

Stephen Rojak from the MTR newsgroup, for old maps and old markers.

Charles Johnson from the MTR newsgroup, for additional Route 2 info.

Paul Crowley for the great Route 9 photos and info.

Edward Fitzgerald for additional info about bridges on Route 7, Route 9 and Route 12.

Robert Carlson for additional info the history and routing of Route 8.

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